SMS services

Send SMS

Mail2SMS AND E-MAIL integration

We will allocate a unique e-mail domain for you, for example “”. You are then able to send an email to “<number>” and it will be delivered as SMS.

This service makes it very easy to send SMS directly from an e-mail program or to integrate SMS in an application that already includes e-mail support.

Integration HTTP

Through a simple HTTP(S) request SMS can be sent to any recipient.

sms-protocol: SMPP, UCP AND CIMD2

We support all SMS protocols for simple integration with SMS applications.

Receive SMS

We offer a few different methods for receiving SMS. One or more virtual GSM numbers are allocated to your account. When a SMS is sent to the number the message will be forwarded to the customer via a HTTP request or via e-mail.

Statistics and reporting

All customers have access to a webbased tool where you can log in and see status for each individual message or generate statistics and reports.

Delivery reports

When a SMS is sent a delivery report can be requested. The delivery report is forwarded to you when the message has reached its final status, successful or failed. Delivery reports are delivered via HTTP requests or as e-mail.