Applications – SMS Submit

Below you will find examples of applications that can be implemented using an SMS Submit account.

There are virtually unlimited possibilities for different applications but the examples below are meant to inspire. In order to implement the functionality below, integration with other systems may be necessary. We are happy to help out with advice and consultant services.

Sending notifications from network management systems (NMS)

A Network Managements System (NMS) generates alarms when a problem arises. The alarm set off triggers a notification to be sent to the technical staff currently on duty.

Sending notifications for incoming e-mail

When out of the office, it can be convenient to receive notification for incoming e-mail from specific senders.

By integrating SMS into the e-mail system, the from address, subject and first part of the message body can be sent to the phone.

Query internal systems

An SMS is sent from a phone to a dedicated GSM number. The SMS is delivered to an application that queries a database and puts together a response that is sent back to the user.

This way it is possible to implement services for querying order status and similar via SMS.

Let customer service ask questions via SMS

Staff at customer service can via a webbased interface ask completing questions via SMS. Replies from the customers are matched towards the question and clearly displayed as “threads” in the web interface.

Bi-directional e-mail/SMS service

Let your users send and receive e-mails via SMS. Threaded conversations are supported in the platform.